Holistic. Rejuvenating. Healing.
If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you would know that I have been hosting several yoga series for the community. This series comes with the intentions of facilitating sessions that help yogis learn to reset their bodies. We will commence on August 9th 2019 at 6:00 PM.

In this 7 week series, we will be focusing on the different chakra centers of the body with specific poses and matching sound therapy. Grab your mat, a towel, and come prepared to learn what are some reasons you may be blocked. You will also learn the effects of those blockages, and work to bring balance back.

The community yoga refresh begins on Friday August 9th at 6:00PM at the MLK park. Call us at (858)258-3198  or email us for details. Be sure to share to help get the word out!


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