FAS: Taco Crawl

Old Town San Diego Historic State Park 4426101600, San Diego, CA

We are back for another Fat Ass Shit (FAS) adventure! This month, FAS will consist of a Taco Crawl through Old Town San Diego. The FAS series was started with a love of hiking/being active, and a love of food and all things delicious. Why not put these 2 things together to create one amazing […]

Juneteenth/Black History Children’s Hike In Julian @ Volcan Mountain

Volcan Mountain 1209 Farmer Road, Julian

Join GFWK children’s hike at Volcan Mountain in Julian. Did you know that the Gold Rush in Julian was started by a black man? Some of the most influential Pioneers to establish Julian were of African descent. First we will start off with the hike at 7 AM and have a snack at the top […]

AOAO: Summer Welcome!

Cowles Mountain 7027 Golfcrest Drive, San Diego, CA

AOAO stands for Abs Out-Ass Out, and that means we will be wearing cut off tops, short shorts, no shirts (for the guys), and just celebrating EVERY Body. Summer is officially here on June 21, and we are heading over to Cowles Mountain to celebrate our summer bodies the 1st Saturday of Summer! Whatever body […]

AOAO: Skating Party!

Derby United 6060 Federal Blvd, San Diego, CA

You all thought we were going to be done with AOAO (Abs Out - Ass Out) with just a hike? Nope! We are going to go into the evening with some roller skating. We will be heading over to Derby United for some skating fun at their public skating session. In keeping with the theme […]

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