Holistic. Rejuvenating. Healing.
We kicked of the winter candlelight yoga series with our intentions set on clear mind, strong body, and open heart. We often allow the stresses of the day, or the issues of others weigh us down. These stresses manifest themselves physically in the pain that we feel, and learned to live with. Our stress also sometimes manifest itself with different illnesses that we have. With us being so stressed, and our minds clogged followed by having a painful body, our hearts close. We close our hearts to all of the positive opportunities that exist. I focused this class on bring my student’s attention to themselves.

I encouraged students to look within, and focus their breathing as they cleared their minds. As a result, many students reported feeling lighter in their minds and bodies. Also as part of this session, I encouraged students to honor their body, and where it was in their yoga journey. This required them to be patient with the poses they couldn’t readily get into, and to celebrate the ones they found inviting.

Beyond the breathing and meditating we did in class, we also practiced several poses that strengthens your core, legs, and back. I received several comments about how stiff some muscles were, and a lot of gratitude for offering these classes to the community. The pleasure is all mine, and I am forever appreciative to be able to provide this service.

If you missed out on last week’s session, be sure to come out to this week’s session! We will be at our usual spot in the Craft room at:

Martin Luther King Jr Recreation Center
6401 Skyline Drive San Diego CA 92114
Friday at 5:30 PM

See you soon!

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