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Yoni Steam Party

A steaming party is a wonderful way to spend quality time with women you care about and enjoy being around. Up to four women can steam together in a circle at a time and you will all be given yoni steaming information and have the opportunity to ask questions about the practice. This is similar to a Community Steam but you get to choose who joins you and you steam for longer.

There will be hot tea and you can bring your own snacks and drinks to enjoy as well. Onyeka will share what Yoni Steaming is and how to do it safely. You will steam for 25 minutes and just enjoy time with your Sisters! You will be left alone to steam together, and when the time is up you will have time to talk about the experience and just relax together, journal or hangout.


you are currently bleeding
are pregnant* (unless directed by a midwife)
have a period every two weeks
currently have an infection with an active burning itch

If you are experiencing any of the above situations, you will not be able to steam at the party. However you will be able to participate in the meditations, sound healing, and relaxing party atmosphere. In addition, if you cannot steam at the party we will put 50% your party ticket payment toward a private steam in the future - for when you are able to steam

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90 min

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