Holistic. Rejuvenating. Healing.
Candlelight yoga works great at transitioning from a stressful week into a peaceful weekend. This series of yoga sessions are designed specifically for anyone wanting to relax, restore, and rejuvenate. Everyday we are always on the go, as a result we find it difficult to slow down. This practice is great for at the end of a stressful week,. It is also great for anytime you need to gain a sense of relaxation. The movement is gentle, the music is soft, and you can really unwind at the end of the day in a way that feeds your body, mind, and soul.

When you practice candlelight yoga, the intention is different than when you practice more athletic forms of yoga. This is practice is less athletic and more holistic (so you may not going to break a sweat). We focus on stretching and mindful breathing, while the warm glow of the candles helps you to relax and prepares your body restoration. In fact, you just might find that candlelight yoga earns you the best sleep you’ve had in a while!


  • Improved Mood
  • Sounder Sleep
  • Better Concentration

Beginning January 11, 2019, I will be offering Candlelight Yoga to the community! Space is limited, so it is important that you sign up early! This winter series focuses on relaxing, unwinding, and relieving tension in the body, heart, and mind. My Candlelight yoga sessions are suitable for all levels, and includes adjustments.  I will offer modifications for injuries, and we will only have gentle inversions.

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I look forward to seeing you at our next session!


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