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It is Self-care Sunday! This is a bit of a new thing for me since the start of this coronavirus pandemic. While set-care isn’t new for me, consistently dedicating a day to do so is. The idea behind self-care Sunday is to take 2-3 hours dedicated to doing something just for yourself. Self care involves bringing joy, relief, rejuvenation, and clarity to your emotional, physical, mental, and overall being. I do not think that self-care should be limited to once a week. It is something that should be practiced regularly. However, if you missed your opportunities during the week, by setting aside a particular day, you are sure to make it happen.

Practicing Self-care Daily

Yes, self-care should be a daily practice. Anything that you are doing to improve your health is sef-care. When I exercise daily, soak my feet, watch anime shows, work in the garden, complete items on my list of things to do, I feel I took care of myself. There are things that you can do daily that will help you heal and rejuvenate. Here are some suggestions that you can try daily:

  • Massage: No further explanation needed. Schedule a massage (eventually).
  • Tea Time: I love tea! I usually brew tea in the morning before the day gets started. The aromas of the tea leaves are so relaxing. I drink the tea throughout the day. However, while I am having the tea leaves seep, I am gathering my thoughts, taking time to breathe, and preparing for the day ahead of me.
  • Take a Bath: Showering is wonderful, but there is nothing like a nice warm bath filled with healing herbs, or a therapeutic soak. A bath is great for relaxing your body and muscles, as well as your mind. Just let any stress you might be feeling or worries you might be carrying wash away.
  • Meditate: I learned a lot about meditating when I studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong. For a month, I spent 15-20 minutes doing different meditation styles, and learned so much about myself. I found that meditating right before I went to bed was wonderfully amazing. My rest each night was greatly improved. Give it a try.
  • Exercise: Get active and get the sweating going. exercise makes you feel great. Try Yoga! Exercise is a wonderful way to physically address stress and anxiety. It can help to improve your productivity and mental focus. Make exercise a part of your regular daily routine for daily self care.
  • Journaling: Put your thoughts, worries or ideas on a piece of paper or in a blog. Blogging has truly helped me during these times of self isolation. Sometimes it really helps to get all of your thoughts out in writing. New discoveries may be found about yourself through journaling.
How will I be practicing self care today?

Today I have several items on the menu for Self-care Sunday. What really has me excited is that everything I am doing and using are services and products I provide for my clients. I will be starting off with a facial mask. Working in the garden daily has its affect on your skin. My skin tone, and the youth in my skin has definitely taken a bit of a beating from the sun. The facial I am about to prepare will be using my Besan face and neck mask. I should be looking like I am in my twenties again in no time 😘

While the face mask is on my face curing, I will be enjoying a relaxing Yoni Steam. I will likely use my Menstrual Balance blend this time around. I have a very consistent cycle, but I haven’t been steaming consistently like I should. (Disclaimer: TMI ahead). After my yoni steams I am wonderfully wet, my libido is through the roof, and I definitely feel a different kind of connection 😉. Reviews that I’ve received following a yoni steam session include “afterward I had the best sexual experience ever!” or “I am pregnant!”. By the time I have completed my steam, my mask has completely cured.

Finally I will be taking a Garden Herb Bath. This isn’t quite available in my shop yet, but it will be coming shortly. I have been using different tea blends in my baths and sharing it with family members to try. I am now preparing to make them available to you all as well! Today’s Garden herb blend will be a relaxing lavender sleepy time blend.

Take care of yourself

Your self care doesn’t have to look like mine. It should be personalized to your needs and your lifestyle. This is what today’s self care experience will look like today. Next week’s experience will probably look completely different, I hope that you take time to take care of yourself, your whole self. I would love to be a part of your experience by sharing my services and products with you. Share your experience, and what you are planning in the comments below.


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