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Friday is finally here. It doesn’t feel like Friday though. I have been trying to find the hemp cord that was used for my scrubbies, but have not had any luck as yet. The search will continue for the right sized hemp yarn. While I would love to just go with another yarn, it bothers me that I can’t find the right size. I have a thicker hemp yarn that can work, but the scrubbies come out too big. In reality, the new sized scrubbies may actually be the perfect size.

In other news, today was another meetings all day kind of day. Since we are still in self isolation at home, many times this team turn their cameras on. I have not been turning my camera on for these meetings. However, today they asked if they could see me since it has been 5 weeks. I agreed, and turned on the camera. Everyone seemed so happy to see me, and they were all smiles. I later turned my camera off because who needs to eat up the bandwidth like that? Even in isolation we want to see each other.

Other than meetings, there really isn’t much that I have to report. I hop you had a wonderful week!


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