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It’s the weekend Baby! All days probably feel like it is a weekend day on some level, but it is officially the weekend. I had an exciting evening last night. It was spent at club Cubiculum (bedroom). The club was so lit, I stayed all night 😜 I woke refreshed this morning though. Saturday mornings are when I usually let the music blast in the back garden and practice yoga with the family while infusing a bit of dance into it. My energy is calling for some soca and calypso, so that is what will be on the playlist today.

Since I have started these rona blogs, and have been sheltering in place, I try to make Saturday my DIY day. There are so many wonderful projects that exist, and I want to do them all. Given we aren’t leaving the yard except when absolutely necessary, I can only use what I have in the home. You all may remember that one project I wanted to work on is making soap. We all use soap (that is a generous assumption there). For the most part, many of us probably use soap bought at the store. During these times, it isn’t inconceivable that we may not be able to leave to go to the stores at some point. A part of me is hoping that isn’t true, but another part of me believes it can happen.


While I am hoping that we will return to life somewhat like we knew it before Covid-19, for many, being unemployed is the current state of affairs. Right now, I am not performing any massages or having any private, group, or corporate yoga sessions. For the most part, my business has been closed. Thankfully I still have an online store front, so there is some hope. As I am just starting out in that area though, I will need to be self sufficient for many things to conserve the funds that I do have.

This brings me to the topic of homesteading. I am thankful that I have space to grow food, and I am actively planting food regularly. I have a sewing machine and different materials, so if we need new clothes, I can probably throw something together. It is about to be summer, so we don’t need any hats or scarves, but I am prepared to do that too. Food preservation will need to be learned. The same goes for energy and water production. I do not have solar panels, so I am stuck at the moment. We do have a fire pit, and we know how to cook on it, so yay!🎉

We are having rain still here in Southern California, so I need to catch and store the water for us to use. Personal hygiene items is another area that I have to look into further. I don’t know how to make soap, deodorant, or toothpaste. Pinterest says that these things are easy to do, so why not give it a try. If I can make these items for my family, they will be of great use even after Coronavirus.

What is the plan for today?

I am inspired at all there is to learn on each of these topics. If I do these well, I can make some of my creations available in my shop! That excites me. Today’s focus will be on harvesting rain water, and preparing to make soap. If time permits I will be working on cloth face masks. One project at a time though.

  • Harvesting Rainwater: I have several areas of my home that I can install gutters in. In the areas that I have water being collected, I have makeshift rain barrels. When I say rain barrels, what I really mean is  I have a trash can and an oversized bucket. These have served my garden well, and I have seen a drop in my water bill. The plan is to finish up installing gutters, then having some “proper” rain barrels delivered to me. Hopefully they will arrive in time for the rain we are scheduled to get in the coming week.
  • Soap Making: I have wanted to make soap for years, but was too afraid that I would mess it up. I have all of the materials needed to make soap. I just have to make it happen. Today, I don’t anticipate attempting to make soap, but one of the ingredients needed for a recipe involves lavender infused olive oil. That sounds divine! I have lavender and olive oil. I also have callendula, rose petals and buds, chamomile, rosemary, etc. Having so many herbs and flowers available to me is a blessing. Today, I will be infusing lavender, rose, and calendula.
    • I am hoping that I don’t use up all of my olive oil. That same olive oil will be used to make salad dressings. We will see how it goes though. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and to get photos as they are posted of the process.
    • Infusing oils take some time, so I have to wait 4-6 weeks before I can actually use them in soap. While I am waiting, I may make a simple olive oil and coconut oil soap. If I do, I will keep you updated!

With these 2 projects, my day will be sufficiently filled with things to do. I hope that you have a wonderful Saturday planned for yourself and your family. As always, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment, suggestions, or questions that you may have for me.


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