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We are officially on Day 30 of me blogging from the behind the rona lines! When I first started sharing, I thought I would have a hard time sharing daily. However, I found that with time it got easier to let the words flow. The blog contents have not always been educational, but you got to see a little more about my life, and my experiences. There were some days I didn’t feel like sharing anything, but I pushed though anyway.

Do I continue?

That is the burning question for me as I prepare this particular post. There are some who have read my blogs, and I am thankful for them reaching out to let me know their thoughts on it. I wondered if I was just writing into an open space on this vast internet. Perhaps, some day when my business grows even more, someone will come back to these blogs. For everyone’s sake, let us hope I kept it professional 😂😜

On a more serious note though, do I continue blogging daily? A part of my says yes. That part wants me to evolve from “Rona Blogs: Day x” to having specific topics. There is another part of me that says “No”, but that part is not saying no straight out. It is saying blog a few times a week, and drop the “Rona Blogs: Day x” also.

The Answer

Blogging daily has helped me to keep my thoughts positive, and to look for the positives in the day. I too may want to look back at this time in history, and see what emotions or events were happening in my life. Additionally, for at least two years I have wanted to share to my blog more constantly.  For this reason I will continue to blog regularly if not daily.  I think that there is some merit to both arguments above about simply naming the blogs “Rona Blogs: Day x”. The titles tell nothing about what the blog is about to be about. I think I will keep “Rona Blogs”, and add a more descriptive portion to the title.

There are a lot of topics that are helpful and relevant in these times. This platform allows me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with my supporters, or those looking for an answer. Since I am currently not taking any massage appointments, I can share some useful information daily. That is how I am choosing to evolve the Rona Blogs.

I look forward to your continued support!


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