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We have made it through another week being in self isolation. I hope that also means that you all are doing well. This week has been one that I couldn’t have imagined it being. For the most part, I felt really unorganized in my thoughts and the way I got things done. As I went to sleep last night, I thought about how I could have more organization in these times where the days seem to blend into each other. I think that it is important for us to constantly take inventory of our life and goals.

Schedules and lists help me to stay organized mostly. For me, when there is a list and a schedule, I am less likely to kill time, over spend, feel anxious, have clutter in my spaces, etc. On my thoughts last night was where and when is my time for self care? Even though we are self isolation, I have been working from home during the day. This leaves me with some time in the evening to get daily things done for the home and spend time with the family. As for my personal time, I haven’t really made any time in the last two weeks for it. From that thought, I thought about how my week was organized. If I setup a theme for the week, I can implement certain actions on certain days.

Let’s get organized

The tips I am about to share are what have worked for me in the past. There are also a few tips that don’t necessarily apply to me, but I will share them anyway in case it applies to you. Feel free to share if you think someone can benefit from this post.

  • Make a list
    • If it isn’t on a list, chances are you will forget about it. Having a working list that is constantly reviewed and updated helps to keep your priorities in check. I have started to keep a notebook with me when I am around the house or in the yard working. When an idea comes to mind, I jot it down.
    • The next step to having a list is prioritizing the list. While you can most definitely just work on it from top to bottom, somethings need more attention. Set time aside once or twice a week to look at your list to organize it into priorities. I personally use a tool call Trello.
  • Make a schedule and set deadlines
    • Lists are nice and all, but the lists don’t make anything happen if they aren’t incorporated into your schedule. You also need to put some deadlines on when things need to be completed by. By doing this, you are committing to getting the items on the list done.
    • In the same spirit, be sure to leave some wiggle room so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. Also forgive yourself easily if things don’t go as planned. Some days, things just don’t work out as we expect.
  • Stop Procrastinating
    • Well y’all know I have been struggling with this right? I even blogged about it. It sucks when nothing on the list gets done. Just make it happen, and keep things moving.
Start today

Get started with your plan to have a more organized life. As for me, I will be writing out the theme for my blog for the upcoming weeks, and executing on the plan. We have no real idea how long we will be in self isolation. However, at the end of this, I want to come out stronger, in a better position with my Onyeka Tefari brand, and just more. I hope that you take this weekend to really take a look at what you want to accomplish now that many of us have the time now. It would be an honor to hear about steps you took to better organize your life. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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