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Good morning everyone, and grand risings! I hope that this day meets you in the best of health. Yesterday I spoke about how I procrastinate, and wanted to make changes to that. I started the day with a bit of yoga in my front yard. It was shared live, and I was able to learn a lot from the experience. In the past, I toyed with the idea of hosting virtual yoga sessions. However I never moved forward with the idea because I wanted everything to be perfect about them. Today helped me to get past the anxiety around hosting virtual sessions.

The yoga session was a vinyasa style where I cycled through sun salutations. It felt good, and got a nice warm up in the process. My friends were so kind to leave encouraging words for me. I am still learning how to setup the camera so that people can see all of me, and will figure out the audio. Overall, I am very happy that I took action, and did my first virtual yoga session.

Plan for the day

I know you all are probably tired of hearing about my fence, and all of the work I have to do with it. Well today should be the last day that I have to do any extensive work on it. I am patching up where the old screws once were, and staining it. Since I am a bit of a perfectionist, I have been sanding down, and staining, and plugging, and just doing so much. The point has finally been reached where the fence is good enough. I also plan on doing some work in the garden. Clearing away debris, fixing a bench, and installing a new garden bed. I have so many seeds that I want to plant, but I need to figure out how I am going to go about doing that.

Feeling good about getting up early

I woke up pretty early this morning, and did yoga (you read about that above). I also started working on this blog post. Granted I didn’t post it until much later, the point is I got up, and did a few things differently. Little steps result in big changes over time. The goal is still to have the blog posted earlier in the day. To make sure that happens, I will now set a deadline for all blog posts and social media postings to be done no

later than 1:00 PM each day. That time will be improved so that it is eventually no later than 10:00AM, but small steps folks. The other thing that I will be working on is getting my topics for the week organized so that there is an actual theme to what I am doing here. Until then, I sure hope you are all staying busy, and productive during this time. Let me know what you are up to!


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