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I had to go look at what was the number on the last post. The days are starting to blur together, and I don’t know which day it is. Today was a busy day that got started very early. I am really enjoying my garden space again. For the better part of the last week I have been working on the fence, and today we got even further with it. I only have a few more things to do on a few planks, and I won’t have to touch it at all.

While this week has definitely been filled with one thing after another. I am continuing to enjoy the little things. One of the things that really started my day off great was the sound of the birds singing in the garden. The night before I got to enjoy the sound of crickets as the sun set. I am so excited about the garden space! Another thing that I am excited about is my new massage and yoga space. They are both still a concept that I am working on, but I was encouraged to call them by their names.


For those of you who follow my on social media (Facebook and/or Instagram), you would have noticed that I am posting later and later in the day. On some day I am barely getting the posts up before midnight. Part of it has to do with me procrastinating and putting off the needful. It is time to refocus on why did I commit to do the things on my list in the first place.

  • Blogging
    • I wanted to capture where I was during this coronavirus pandemic. It was my intention to share more consistently on my blog. The idea that I have an entire blog that I previously only updated from day to day should be upsetting. I have been blogging daily, but there were some days where I didn’t feel in the mood. Maybe I am not being true to myself because I am not sharing about topics that I am passionate about. Perhaps I can feel/see that my personality is not shining through in each share. I have to regroup, but will continue to post daily.
  • Sharing to social media
    • Just like the blog, I have been doing miserably at sharing on any of the social media accounts that I have. I wanted those posts to be positive and helpful to those who saw them. Sharing the posts at nighttime is probably not reaching my ideal target audience. I have to remember that even if my shares are not acknowledged (likes/comments/etc), I am sharing so that someone may be inspired but what they find. It isn’t about me, it is about those I want to help and reach.
  • Exercise:
    • I am looking amazing (if I do say so myself 😂😂). However, I know that I need to be exercising a lot more than I am right now. I have been working around the yard, but it does not make me break a sweat the way burpees or jumping rope would. There are so many excuses I have made for not working out this few days. Exercise and healthy eating are not suggestions, they are required.
Be the change you want to see

I know where I need to improve. There aren’t any excuses good enough for me to not do what needs to be done. I am rededicating myself to my goals. As the sun has set today, and I settle in for the night, I will also put my procrastination to rest. I know that I can do amazing things, and help a lot of people. However, consistency and showing up is required. Help me to stay honest by calling me out for my late posts. I appreciate you always for your support!


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