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Day 9 was a bit hectic. I spent all of it being in the yard. I did have to leave my home to head to Home Depot. With all that is going on, I was nervous about being out. Each time I leave my home I start the counter over again. Maybe that is something that only I do. If it is spread similarly like a cold or flu, I wonder why am I not as cautious as I am with those viruses. Truth be told though, when I am around someone who has a cold or flu, I give myself a 3 day window to show symptoms myself. I guess I do a count down after all.

While at Home Depot, there were so many kind people there. They all wanted to help me with putting items in my cart so I didn’t have to do any lifting. Others offered to help me get items into my cart. I am not sure if this is a result of Covid-19 or if I just never realized how friendly people can be. When I was loading up the items I needed, no less than 3 different people offered to help me. Once in the parking lot, I was asked if any assistance was needed several times . I was so thankful for the help and kindness of strangers.

In the current environment, every bit of kindness goes a long way. With social distancing, self isolation, etc, it is really nice to have a smiling face greet you good day or offer to assist you. Stay safe out there!


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