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Welcome to day 26! The days are definitely feeling like they are blending into each other. Before I start writing a blog, I have to check what day I am on. One of my friends joked about it already being Wednesday. I had to actually check my calendar to confirm. With all of the projects that I have going on, I am keeping super busy most days. I didn’t actually get to enjoy self-care Sunday, so I need to make up for that time.

One thing I am especially thankful for are the people I have in my life. They check in on me, they call and text me often. We laugh, share ideas, give encouragement, and just enjoy each other. I can probably do a better job at letting them know that they are appreciated.

In other good news, my hemp scrubbies sold out! I am in the process of making some more to add to the shop, so I will get on that ASAP. I will be getting the orders shipped today, and try to stock up on the yarn to get started on making some more. Thank you all for your support!


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