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Well today was a day filled with meetings! I knew this going into the day, but underestimated it’s impact. On top of the meetings, I was struggling pretty badly with my allergies. This new reality sucks at times. Whenever I find my allergies are not subsiding with everything that I do, I am faced with the fear that maybe I contracted covid19. This then involves me playing back my movements, where I could have been exposed, etc.

Losing focus

It is increasingly difficult to stay focused and on task these days. Coincidentally, I have also not been keeping up with my daily list of to do’s. My schedule is shot, so I need to make some adjustments. I have also not been eating as healthy as I would like to admit. My personal belief is that the food we eat can definitely affect our ability to focus and have mental clarity.

Hope is in sight

I have at least been consistently working out in the mornings this week, and will be having a sunrise meditation session tomorrow. My hope if that I can do the meditations daily to get the day started. From there I can transition into my first workout of the day, followed by an invigorating shower, and breakfast.

Another thing that I will resume is making my list of things to do the night before. I feel very hopeful about this plan. How has the self isolation been treating you lately?


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