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Greetings! It is the start of a new day, and opportunity abounds. Over the last few days, I have to admit that some of the blog entries have been lackluster. This isn’t to say that you won’t get a couple of those this week. I am merely acknowledging it. The weekend was spent working on the garage. While I truly enjoyed all of the rain we have received, my garage hurt me. However, after every cloud there is usually a silver lining.

Out of the mess that was my garage, I was able to pull out my crochet material as well as my sewing materials. With the crochet items, I was able to revive hemp scrubbies. These are crocheted items using hemp yarn. They are perfect for dishes since they are antimicrobial, and mildew resistant. When I used previously used them, they would last for months! I am working on getting more of these done, so grab what you can while supplies last.


Reawakening old skills

I have been crocheting off and on for the past few years, but nothing to really blog about. Even these scrubbies weren’t something I would normally write about. However, I have shared them with friends and on social media, and people are really digging them. In some ways, it makes me think about how we take so many of our talents and skills for granted. I appreciate each of you who support me, and encourage me to shine. 😍😍

Making these available

These lovelies are now available on the online shop. I only have a few more sets available, but hope to spend some time making more of these. As always I appreciate all of your support.



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