Holistic. Rejuvenating. Healing.

Oh, on and on and on and on
(My cypher keeps moving like a rolling stone)

How is your Wednesday coming along? Today I wanted to love on myself a little more than usual. I hardly slept the night before, but had to be up early for meetings. With self isolation now entering day 20, I am losing track of how much time has really passed. It feels like we had been under the shelter in place order for months.

Today was kind of slow when I think back. There are several things on my list that haven’t moved at all. It is draining me, so I need to take care of it. This energy to love on myself a little extra probably stems from these unfinished items. I can feel a funk trying to form, and all of the rain isn’t exactly helping. The next few blogs will be about me working through this funk.

Stay tuned!


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