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Well this is embarrassing! I legitimately thought today was Saturday. I am not sure what happened, but apparently today is Friday. At 11:41 AM, here I am just working on this blog. Being as I was behind, it is now 1:03, and I haven’t gotten very far with the blog. It is just one of those days I suppose. I am not even bothered too much by it, and will embrace it for what it is. I was able to get some more rest in last night/this morning. Things are still happening, and things will continue to happen.

What do you do when things do go as planned?

In the past, I would be having a mini break down. It would have been difficult to move forward because I would spend so much time overanalyzing what happened. Over time I have had to work hard to just keep it moving. Everything will adjust, and what was meant to happen, happened exactly as it was meant to be. In fact, voice messaging Tuesday was born out of my schedule being completely off. On Tuesdays, I have this thing called “voice messaging Tuesday” where I leave a voice message for friends and fans who indicate they would like to receive one. I have definitely relaxed a lot on pivoting or adapting to unplanned hiccups in my plan.

What about the rest of the day?

The rest of my day was pretty much playing catch up. It is not 4:27 PM, and I am still writing this blog.  I am committed though! I will get this blog updated, I will update Facebook and Instagram. After these are done, I will be doing a bit of yoga. Since we are staying home, we have to stay active, and healthy! This will be followed by dinner and family time.

With that said, I am going to call this bog a wrap for today, and get to posting photos on my other social media accounts. Be sure to like and follow me if you are on any of those platforms!


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