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My allergies are at it again. Woke up this morning with ridiculously itchy eyes.We will see how the day progresses though. I am prepared to take some allergy medicine to not be sneezing and crying with itchy eyes all day. Yesterday we spent most of our time outdoors. While working in the garden, the neighbor was having their grass cut. I was doing ok until I got inside.

There aren’t any exciting happenings to report on Day 5 other than I have been consistent. I woke a little later this morning, but I am blogging. I plan on exercising when I get done then having breakfast. Today, when I have completed my meetings, I plan on organizing more. Since I am selling products online in my store, I have containers everywhere. I will have to move some books around to make that happen.

Organizing and Dust

When I thought about reorganizing, I remembered that it has been a while since I actually dusted off some books. This activity is going to be a hard no for me. With that said, I won’t plan on doing anything other than not be allergic. My mantra today:

  • I am healthy and can breathe with ease
  • I am healthy, and my eyes don’t itch
  • I am healthy

Well this post has clearly devolved because I may still be under the effects of having taken Benadryl. Until tomorrow… stay safe!


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[…] In yesterday’s blog, I scrapped the idea of cleaning and dusting. According to webmd.com, I should keep my home squeaky clean. This is one of the best ways to avoid indoor allergens. Harsh chemicals can irritate your nasal passages and aggravate your symptoms. So they suggest that I make natural cleaners with everyday ingredients like vinegar or baking soda. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter to trap allergens. It isn’t like my house is a mess, but I do have books lying around that have gathered some dust. I’ll do better. […]

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