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Art is lived out; It is experienced intimately, it is executed and demanded. In such cultures… in Africa, art is integral to life and to man’s well being. It is expressive of a people’s world-view, and its absence creates and obvious but uncomfortable vacuum. ~Dele Jegede

During this week’s lecture we discussed Afrocentric Aesthetics and Spirituality, and how art is not for art sake in a traditional African context. Dr. Alkebulan led the discussion, and touched on Afrocentric interpretation of art, African Oral Traditions, the connection of African art and its influence on the black power movement.

The conversations during the session touched on recent expressions of art including Black is King. Below are links to additional resources that compliment what we discussed today. We will be making the recording from today’s session available in the very near future.


The African Aesthetic Keepers of Tradition

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