Hiking San Francisco: Muir Woods


Today I had quite the adventure. If I didn’t believe that the best laid plans need a Plan B before today, I surely found out that I indexed needed one. For those who didn’t know, I went on a trip up north, and I was determined to have a very relaxing and enjoyable time. today’s adventure was originally planned to be one that involved zip lining through the Redwood trees of Fenton California.

Upon waking up, I decided that maybe I should check to see what time the place opened. Turns out that they wouldn’t be open until about noon. Not really thinking too much of it, I figured I should go ahead and make reservations just in case. To my surprise, there weren’t ant available reservations.

I decided that won’t stop me from going exploring, After breakfast, I got dressed with the idea that if worst came to worst I would just got to the Golden State Bridge. It was a few moments after this that I decided I would take a trip to Muir Woods.

I had visited Muir Woods many years before. It is a national park or monument, so with it being public I thought I could just show up. The park was about an hour and a half from where I was staying, so the road trip began.

You would think that I would look ahead to see if I needed reservations to the park prior to heading over. When we arrived at the park the park personnel informed us that reservations were in indeed needed required. Additionally, the earliest available tickets to enter Muir Woods was 4-5 hours away.

The adventure begins!

The ranger/park personnel did tell us we could drive up the street a bit, and hike back to the park. That way we wouldn’t need to have reservations. This sounded like great news to me! Off we went in the direction that was suggested. We soon found out that the little hike back to the main visitor center would likely take us 4-5 hours 😂. A few miles won’t stop me though!

We drove for what felt like several miles along a very winding road. We pulled off to the side, and figured we could attempt to hike up the street. There were several other cars parked along the street, and we had seen a few people walking along the roadside. Being the hiker that I am, I didn’t stay on the paved road for very long. There was an opening off to the side, and I suggested we go exploring. This was when the real adventure began!

I started out the drive to Muir Woods with the intention of seeing huge red wood trees. I got so much more on this hike. The path I had taken lead to what looked like a trail. We continued to follow it, and there were trees, ferns, and so many more along the hike. There was a beautiful stream of running water, and even a little waterfall!

there was even a deer among the shrubs snacking and he had stopped to watch us hike along. Previously, I felt as if something was watching me along the hike. I even got goose bumps, but brushed it off. My biggest hope was that it wasn’t a large cat or bear or some other wild animal out in the bushes 😒

Hike Responsibly

I talk about hiking responsibly, and here I was going off on a trail where no one knew I was going to be. There also wasn’t any cellphone signal. On top of all of that I didn’t have any of my hiking gear, so this was absolutely irresponsible of me.

Be that as it may, we found a beach! The water was pretty cold, but that didn’t stop me from soothing my feet with some nice hydrotherapy.

Practice Gratitude

While at the beach, I had a moment to reflect on how much I enjoy being in nature. It isn’t every day that you get wake up in a beautiful place with so much amazing opportunities for adventure. Being so close to the deer made me really think about my relationship with nature.

There is so much more that I can be doing to improve that relationship. Today was a good day, and it gave me an opportunity to not only explore, but to also reflect. The fact that “nature” felt so comfortable with me to merely watch from two arms length distance, and not run away when I got a little closer made me realize that I too can do a better job at being one with nature.

As I continue on my adventures, and even in my massage, yoga, and skin care practices, I will aspire to connect myself and my clients with nature where possible. I do hope that you are inspired to go adventuring, to go and get away from the technology, and sit in nature.