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Hello, and welcome to Day 1 of this particular healing journey. I am going to try to keep these blogs of the journey as transparent and open as my little heart can stand. It is currently 10:27 PM PST, and I am just getting around to writing this blog. This particular healing journey is mostly around the book “Healing The Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases“.  Can we take a moment to point out that I bought this book over 12 years ago for close to $30? Now it comes less than $10. Anyway, when I bought this book I was deep into trying to solve my migraines. I was diagnosed as having Cluster migraines. There wasn’t much the doctors could do for me other than to prescribe medicine. While trying out some of the suggestions in this book as far as the protocol to follow, I noticed my migraines went away. In addition to being relieved of the migraines, I was also in a much healthier state! At some point I was completely vegetarian, and eating only organically grown plants. My skin looked amazing, and my energy was at it’s best.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my friends about The Gerson Therapy. During this conversation we agreed to try it out for a little. With my birthday coming up, I wanted to start after the celebrations. This brings us to Day 1 of this healing journey. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I recently started tea time, and I was re-learning all of the wonderful healing present in nature. At some point I will write a little more about the protocol, but let us just get into the details of day 1.


This is what the book really gets into, but I haven’t read the whole book again. 😳 You read that correctly. I was speed reading that book today to find out what was allowed to be eaten. The book is very detailed about what food should be eaten and when. Needless to say I fell short on the timing, but I still did pretty decently. The book suggests drinking several glasses of various freshly juiced vegetables. I only drank a glass of carrot juice. It was quite tasty, but I didn’t have much time left in the day to drink all the of suggested amounts. There are oats, salads, soup, and something else for dinner. I only had oats. Don’t be fooled… I had a lot of oats, and I felt content. Some things will definitely have to change as this journey continues. I am proud that I didn’t just resort to junk food and bad eating on day 1. 😂😂 The thought did cross my mind to make tomorrow day 1 instead.


There isn’t anything in this book about exercise. I am saying that based on what I have read so far. It is possible that once the detox starts to really kick in, I need some break from heavy exercise. It is my goal though to up my workout game to include strength training. I am hiking a lot more often than before. While that is great, I definitely need to build some muscle to replace the fat I am losing. As with the last topic, I need to really narrow this down some more. There are some things that come to mind. As I commit to what exercise will look like on this plan, I will fill you in.


Whew… this one. This was the one trying to take me out today. I know that detoxing can cause certain emotions to rise to the surface. I was still able to smile through what I was going through. Some major changes are needed in this area. When it is finalized, you will find out about it here on the blog.

Overall I am deeming day 1 a success. I am still going, and I am not feeling discouraged. tune in for Day 2!

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