Gift Certificates

★ Perfect gift for family, friends, and co-workers.
★ Great for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and much more.
★ Purchase and print for use right away or email directly to friends, loved ones, and co-workers.
★ Easy, fast, and convenient!

Picture this: It’s almost Mother’s Day, you procrastinated and forgot to get a gift, and time is of the essence. Or what about if Facebook let you know that it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend’s birthday and you completely spaced out? What about maybe your boss is having a stressful time and you want to be that great employee who shows that they care about them?

The answer to all these questions and many others is an Onyeka Tefari Massage gift card! Our gift cards easy to buy and print, making them perfect for a card or alongside another gift. If time is of the essence, you can even email the gift certificate directly to your intended recipient so they can use it right away.

The best part about our gift cards and gift certificates is that you can use the balance on your gift card toward any of our signature services.

Feel free purchase any of the gift card options below!

A gift for you

$100 Gift Card

A gift for you

$150 Gift Card

A gift for you

$200 Gift Card