March Sunset/Fullmoon Hike

Join us on March 19th for our monthly Sunset/fullmoon hike at Black Mountain. We will be on the Nighthawk Trail. From the top of this trail, we are able to see the ocean, and should be able to catch the sun as it is setting just beyond the horizon. We should also be able to see the moon rise while on this hike. Black Mountain via Nighthawk Trail and Miner’s Ridge...

Running the Trail

Greetings family! If you follow my on social media, you would know that I kicked off the year with some serious hiking. In truth, my hiking zeal is still spilling over from last year’s hiking adventures. However, today was a first for me. Today I ran up to the top of the mountain versus just hiking it. The inspiration for it was partly that I wanted to burn more calories. Another motivator was that I had set a goal to run it at least once last year, but failed to do so. Today’s blog is about what I was thinking, and how I felt during the whole experience.

The idea came to me as I was sitting in traffic heading to the trailhead. I typically start early morning (4:30am) when there aren’t many cars on the street. Today I slept in a bit, and left when I woke up. As I was parking, I decided that today would be the day that I finally run up the mountain. Started my fitness tracker, did a light jog from my car to the actual trail head, then “took off”. I saw another hiker who typically runs the trail on his way down as I was heading up. He seemed excited to see me running instead of hiking. It is pretty major for me to actually run on the trail, so I imagined his enthusiasm was for seeing someone else running.

Conversation in my head

On this particular trail, the beginning of the trail is pretty intense. I knew this going in, but I was not prepared to feel how this same section of trail felt while trying to run it. As I was losing speed, I could hear footsteps behind me. Another runner I asked myself, so I turned around to see. Nope, it was the same hiker who had passed me on the way down making his way up for another lap. I got encouraged to pick up the pace a little since I didn’t want to get caught by the now “walking” hiker, How about this joker caught up to me while walking, and passed me. It was in that moment that I started questioning what I was really doing 😂😂. So many thoughts crossed my mind including (but not limited to)

  • Should I just stop running?
  • Isn’t it embarrassing to be running, and a walker catches up to you?
  • Maybe I wasn’t ready to run the mountain
  • Is that a pain in lower back?!
  • I need to schedule a meeting with my chiropractor!
  • How far is the clearing from where I am right now?
    • Oh no! this is the first little flat area, I have some ways to go
  • Will I really run the whole way up, or should I just resign myself to running it partially

There were so many other thoughts that came across my mind, and before I knew it I was well on my way on to the 2nd flat of the trail. Ahead of me were several other hikers, some of whom appeared to be struggling. I contemplated not passing them because I too felt like I was struggling. I decided to just go for it instead of overthinking “how it would look to run pass them only to be caught by them again”.

What I learned

Each trail comes with so many different lessons. On this one, I learned that it is so easy for negative thoughts to flood your mind when you are attempting something new. For me, not making it to the top of the mountain was not an option. The real question I asked myself was “How will you make it to the top? Will you run or will you walk?” I was already committed to running to the top, so I did just that! I made it to the top, and all the negative thoughts melted away. Knowing that I can run that particular mountain inspired me. The next move is to improve the time it takes for me to get to the top while running. Don’t give up on yourself. It doesn’t matter how others perceive your attempt, or the negativity surrounding you trying something for yourself. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Before you realize it, you will be there.


Healing: Day 1

Hello, and welcome to Day 1 of this particular healing journey. I am going to try to keep these blogs of the journey as transparent and open as my little heart can stand. It is currently 10:27 PM PST, and I am just getting around to writing this blog. This particular healing journey is mostly around the book “Healing The Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other...

From the Garden: Rosa Bianca & Okra

This morning’s #GardenHaul brings us Rosa Bianca Eggplants and Okras! I had an eggplant plant earlier in the year, so I kept the seeds from the fruit of that plant, and now I have any more eggplants that I am excited to try in some West African recipes. 🤤 As for the okras, they are also LATE LATE to the game. I had to have a chat with the plants because September...

Tuesday Tea: Chaga Mushroom

Welcome to another round of Tuesday Tea! Each week I try to highlight a new tea, and the benefits it brings. This week’s tea is Chaga Mushroom Tea. The first time I tried it, I remember looking at my cup trying to get a clue. You see, I made the tea just because I wanted to try it out. Little did I know this tastes very similar to coffee. I was looking at my stainless...

From the Garden: Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are (finally) popping up in the garden! I wish I could express the huge difference there is between peppers picked straight from the plant and those bought in the store. Even the flavor is stronger. I enjoy peppers in salads, as a snack (sometimes I dip them in hummus), as fajitas, and they can make a whole meal if you stuff and roast them. Bell peppers...

Tuesday Tea: Honeybush

This Honeybush tea (Cyclopia spp.) was imported from the Cape of Good Hope. It has a smooth and fruitful body. It tastes like it is a blend, but this particular tea is all natural.  The Honeybush tea that I brew is completely free of flavoring agents and other ingredients. It’s closely related to rooibos, as both plants belong to the Fabaceae family. Honeybush...

How are you all doing?

Beautiful young woman receiving massage in spa salon
Greetings Tefari family! It has truly been a long time since I shared anything to this blog. The last time I really shared anything consistently was back when we first got into the pandemic that we now call Covid. It has been well over a year, and a lot has happened. If you follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), then you are probably up to date on...

Sankofa Bonfire Lecture Series: Week 4

The concept of stress is not a stranger to anyone. Unfortunately, for many, the idea that they are in an exhaustive stage of stress eludes them. This week we discussed stress and trauma, the effects it has on us physically and emotionally. We also shared some practical steps we can take to help lower our stress levels. Stress is a low level form of fear. Our bodies...

Sankofa Bonfire Lecture Series: Week 3

Trauma is experiencing a harm or something damaging to one’s well being in the context of one’s cultural well-being or natural phenomenon. This week’s discussion was led by Dr. Ifetayo Flannery, an assistant professor in the Department of Africana Studies at San Francisco State University. She serves on the Executive Board for the DISA...