Youth Garden Classroom

The garden classrooms are 60-minute sessions that teach lessons through hands-on and experiential activities for ages 5 - 11 years. We use the garden as a classroom, and students get an opportunity to apply what they learn, and see it come to life in the garden.

Each season brings an opportunity to experience different aspects of the lifecycle of plants, the cycles of nature, and experiencing which plants and herbs thrive in which season. We use the curiosity of youth to explore different concepts in a fun way. We also create opportunities to visit local farms and farmer’s markets.

We offer monthly memberships to the garden classrooms. Each week classrooms focus on a specific topic, some of which include the lifecycle of a plant, plant parts, microorganism and their role in the compost pile, water and soil investigations, and so many more. Students learn about several different plants and herbs with hands on lessons on starting each plant in a variety of ways.

Once the plants have stabilized, students get to take their new plant/seedling home with them to continue to nurture and cultivate. In addition to learning about plants, the young gardeners will also have opportunities to be a part of a community of their peers.


Monthly Membership

$33.00 per month


$44.00 per month

Drop In

$20.00 per class

Both the monthly subscription and the month-to-month plans have a one-time initiation fee of $40. The monthly subscription ($33/month), must be purchased in 3 month intervals. Students enrolled in the monthly and month to month plans will each receive:

  • 1 Youth Gardener T-Shirt
  • 1 pair of Youth Gardening Gloves
  • 1 Garden Book/Journal
  • Seed Packets
  • Organic Soil
  • Starter pots

In addition to the weekly classes, students who are enrolled in the monthly subscription receive free entry at the monthly Family Fun Nights. Families who are enrolled in the month-to-month plan pay $10 for entry at the monthly Family Fun Nights. Those who are not enrolled in any of the plans, and want to drop in will be charged a $25 fee for entry to the family fun night.

Session Sizes and Times:

To provide a high level of attention to each student, and to ensure an enjoyable experience, class sizes are capped at 10 students. There are three (3) session times available for families to choose from. These are

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM